Friday, September 14, 2007

ELC Month 1

In September, we held our first Professional Development session using the ELC. We met in the cafeteria for our usual staff meeting and then broke into sessions about 3:40 - later than scheduled. It left me and my co-presenter less time for our presentation than we thought. As we walked toward the computer lab, I had the idea to separate the group into two. The first group would be teachers who wanted to sit with the handouts and work through the tutorial on their own while the second group would work through it with one of us.

We decided that I would be with the group who wanted to work through the tutorial on their own. For the most part, my session went well. However I checked on my partner and noticed he was having difficulty with his group. He made the same mistake I have made many times which is to get off topic and not bring it back. Later he confided in me that he would have been more comfortable taking the self paced group.

Part of the ELC is to post a reflection on how you implemented the skills learned in the session. In September, the teachers had to respond to these questions.

  • In what manner can ExamView be used to help focus instruction on the special needs of your students?
  • How can ExamView be used to differentiate assessments for students with disabilities?
Most of the responses didn't address the questions I asked. To compound the situation, I failed to redirect them to the questions because I also forgot to keep that in mind. Most teachers wrote generic responses about how easy the software was to use and that they liked it. I did try to elicit more information from them and asked them to elaborate which few did.

One concern I have is that the Moodle software is supposed to email teachers when someone replies to their posting. So far, that is not happening so I'll have to investigate that further.

In October we will work with teachers to use the ExamView software to disaggregate test data to identify objectives with which students need additional support.

Session Handouts

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