Tuesday, October 9, 2007

ELO Month 2 - Exam View Advanced

In October, we followed up with an advanced session of Exam View. In this session, teachers were given very succinct tutorials of how to set up a test on the local network so that they can disaggregate data for their classes.

Since we had gone over the basics in September, this was the perfect time to dive deeper into the capabilities of the software. One of the key features is the ability of ExamView to generate reports of how students do based on Curriculum Objectives and broken down by Gender, Race, MSA Math and Reading, and Special Ed. Using these categories, teachers can track how their students perform over time using formative and summative assessments. The ability to show data of how well students do on each curriculum objective will allow teachers to target their instruction.

In the era of high stakes testing, administrators need to be able to assist teachers in collecting and analyzing data about how students score on formative tests. These tests need to be broken down into separate curriculum objectives and/or indicators. Teachers need to share this data in their PLC to garner input from other teachers of how to address those indicators which are not being mastered by the students. This can lead to flexible grouping when students are periodically regrouped to be with teachers who have certain strengths within the curriculum. In the ideal world, there would be several teachers whose strengths all compliment each other.

NCLB has forced teachers and administrators to do much more data analysis. My strength is in using technology to gather such data, analyze it, and share it. It is one of the main goals I would have when I become a building administrator.

Handouts from Session

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