Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Online Science MSA

Over the spring, I had the pleasure of monitoring the online Science MSA. There was a lot of anticipation surrounding the test. The greatest concern was how the technology would hold up during such a high stakes test. While the technology turned out not to be an issue, I was impressed with the test administrator features. It was simple to use and allowed the testing coordinator to start and restart the test without a lot of confusion. The management interface also allowed groups to be set up to select specific students which is a great feature to create groups which can focus your resources. What is really interesting is that students who need to make up the test can be put into a "make up" group quickly and easily.

Test management is important for holding a successful testing event. The tools provided by the testing company makes it easy to manage the test and view students' progress as the test is being administered. Since I do have a preference for technology, I'm happy to see this tool available to testing administrators. It is ''tradition" that the AP at a school coordinates the testing week. So I would look forward to using this testing tool.

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