Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Vocelli Fundraiser Nights

One of the drawbacks to having so much technology at school is that it requires constant maintenance and update. New technology quickly becomes tomorrow's junk. In order to help maximize the usefulness of our technology, I began the Vocelli Fund raiser night. Every other Thursday, I send home an announcement in the "Thursday Folder" announcing the fund raiser. Vocelli donates 20% of all orders from TJ Middle School families back to the school technology fund. Using the technology fund, we have purchased upgraded memory, new cameras, and cabling for the morning announcements.

Publicity for the fund raiser is the hardest part. Until recently, we have been using the phplist mailing list software that is installed on our server to send out reminders about the pizza night. The combination of Thursday folder and email reminders worked well but parents complained that Vocelli didn't deliver to all areas of our enrollment area.

Now Vocelli Pizza has opened a new store that delivers to Spring Ridge. So I am charged with updating the mailing list software that will send the invitations to parents, inviting them to participate in our pizza nights. This will require about an hour working on our web server, backing up our database and installing the new version. It's work I enjoy doing because of the technological challenge but it also benefits our school.
I met with the new manager and we have set January 7, 2008 as our next pizza night. Rob Gim, the owner of Vocelli, has been very generous. He recently made a sizable donation to our technology fund which will help us add new technology to the school that will benefit all students.

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